How to claim for the milk you supply

Once you have registered with the Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit you can make a claim for eligible milk purchased since your registration. If you choose to use a milk agent, you must register with both the NMRU and the agent prior to making a claim.

Childcare providers’ obligations

When you make a claim for reimbursement you will be asked to agree to a declaration before submitting your claim. The declaration is legally binding. As a member of the Nursery Milk Scheme you should ensure:

  • You are claiming for eligible children
  • You are claiming for eligible types and quantities of milk
  • You have a record of receipts for all milk purchases
  • You are not claiming for a period prior to you joining the scheme
  • The milk is only used as a drink for eligible children, not in food preparation or for staff
  • Attendance figures are realistic and can be evidenced

Claims made direct to the NMRU and claims made through an agent are audited regularly. You may be asked to provide further information to support your claim before you are reimbursed.

Submitting your claim

Please submit your claim via your online account, which is created when you register. If you have any questions about the claim, please refer to our FAQs. If you would like to talk to someone about claiming under the Nursery Milk Scheme please contact us.

Each claim will normally cover a single calendar month. Shorter claim periods may arise if you have had a significant change in circumstances, such as appointing a milk agent partway through the month.

The online claim form allows you to submit data weekly, saving the information throughout the month for your convenience. Claims will not be processed by the NMRU until you have agreed to the declaration and submitted the claim at the end of the claim period.

Once you submit a claim, it will be validated within 2 working days. If there are any queries with the claim we will contact you requesting further information. Once the claim has been approved, the reimbursement will be sent via BACS within 3 working days.

Audits and surveys

We will occasionally ask you for feedback on the NMRU’s service, so you may be asked to periodically complete a short online survey.

A percentage of all claims will be audited. This is to ensure the scheme meets the statutory requirements. Please respond promptly to any requests for evidence, to avoid any delays in claims being processed.